Sigmatech Launches “NSSI West” Training Facility

Earlier this year, the Sigmatech Space Enterprise Division supporting the National Security Space Institute contract (NSSI) built, equipped, and opened the doors of a new teaching facility called NSSI West. The off-base, commercial facility is Sigmatech’s response to meeting the evolving demands of instruction for future warfighters. As the DoD’s focal point for space professional continuing education, NSSI provides in-residence, distance learning, blended, and mobile courses to DoD and select allied officers, NCOs, and civilians. NSSI West will enable NSSI to expand its intellectual portfolio to include courses on orbital warfare, space targeting, and space domain awareness.

Co-located with the Sigmatech field office in Colorado Springs, NSSI West is less than three miles from the main campus on Peterson-Schriever Garrison Space Force Base (PSFB). The unclassified classroom has already been put to use, as thirteen students attended the Coalition Space Course in February. They included a mix of military and civilian personnel from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), U.S. Space Force, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Army. Designed for teaching a wide range of lessons, this new Sigmatech facility will accommodate more than 2,500 additional students annually and will host a suite of new personnel, including contract instructors and IT support.

The NSSI main campus is in the Moorman Space Education and Training Center on PSFB, which is an instructional hub for innovative professional continuing education. Within its halls are classrooms, a modeling and simulation lab, a library, two conference rooms, faculty and staff office spaces, and student break rooms. It also possesses an array of integrated modern capabilities to facilitate distance learning, blended, and mobile education while supporting traditional resident courses.