Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Project Office & Systems


The UAS Project Office provides a Total Army perspective for the Life Cycle Management of the Army’s UAS program including development, acquisition, testing, systems integration, product improvements, production, fielding, and logistical support. 

UAS Logo

UAS directly supports the core mission of Army unmanned aircraft systems to provide tactical commanders near-real time, highly accurate, Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition. This mission includes weaponization, communications relays, specialty payloads, and linkage to manned aircraft.

UAS Programs Supported:

  • Medium Altitude Endurance
  • Extended Range Multi-Purpose
  • Class I-IV Future Combat Systems UAS
  • Hunter
  • Improved Gnat (IGNAT)
  • Warrior Alpha
  • Ground Station Equipment
  • Shadow
  • Raven
  • Support Equipment

Services Provided:

  • Programmatic support to the PM and Product office
  • Logistics support to fielded systems
  • Financial support to Program and Products
  • Systems Integration & Engineering Safety Reset, Sustainment & Fielding
  • Development Analysis Training
  • In-theater Support Program  / Project Management Field Office Support
  • System Testing Depot Maintenance Dept. of Army System Coordinator (DASC) Support
  • Warehouse support for fielding and maintenance