Air University EPASS Education Technology Services

The $30M, 5 year BPA will be used to provide the USAF and other DoD service branches and agencies with professional education and academic educational technology services to include: Simulations, Language translation, and Media production.


  • $30M BPA Ceiling
  • The scope for Educational Professional and Support Services (EPASS) is for a wide variety of technology that enables the USAF Air University to evolve its curriculum and deliver course content to students.
  • Provides services to maximize learning outcomes in both the physical and virtual training environments
  • Includes purchase or rental of tools such as software for copyright and plagiarism tools, research support, and short-term IT equipment rentals.

Customers Supported:

  • USAF Air University
  • Open to all DoD Services and agencies with professional and academic educational technology services


  • Wargaming expertise
  • Simulation development and support
  • Webpage administration
  • Graphic design
  • Media specialists
  • Video/film production
  • Translation/language technical services
  • Program and administrative support
  • Joint training/education


Raj Sandhu
Vice President, Corporate Development