A missile, also known as a guided missile, by military terms, is a guided airborne ranged weapon capable of self-propelled flight usually by a jet engine or rocket motor. Missiles have four system components: targeting/guidance system, flight system, engine and warhead.

Sigmatech Missile Capabilities

  • Systems Engineering
  • Propulsion Engineering & Technology
  • Propellant and Explosives Development and Testing
  • Solid and Liquid Rocket Motors
  • SATCOM/Datalinks (RF Technology) Aeromechanics Technology
  • Hypersonics
  • Hardware & Software Engineering and Integration
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL)
  • RAM Engineering & Product Assurance Flight Safety & Mishap Analysis
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Control Surfaces and Divert/Attitude Control Systems
  • Frequency/Spectrum Management
  • Command & Control
  • SMEs in:
    • Sensors
    • Algorithms
    • Radars
    • T&E
    • Missile Defense
    • Aviation & Aerospace Systems & Technologies
    • Hypersonics
    • Hypersonics Testing and Hypersonic Facilities
    • Air Force Satellite Control Network
  • Test Scheduling
  • Major Range and Test Facility Base policy/funding expertise
  • Missile test design, data collection and analysis