Development Operations & Maintenance Support (DOMS) Aviation Element Simulation (AES) Contract

Development Operations & Maintenance Support (DOMS) Aviation Element Simulation (AES) Contract.


  • Simulator and Prototype Development
  • Hardware and software design, development, integration, testing, and verification
  • Laboratory support including test equipment configuration modifications and new configuration development
  • Component and element level design, development, and prototype fabrication
  • Design studies, analyses, conceptual and preliminary designs, and prototype designs

Customers Supported

  • PM Cargo Helicopter (CH-47 series)
  • PM Utility Helicopter (UH-60 series)
  • AMRDEC System Simulation & Development Directorate (SSDD)
  • AMRDEC Special Projects (Cyber)
  • PM Air Traffic Control
  • US Coast Guard
  • Fort Rucker (Army Aviation Pilot/Crew Training)
  • Fort Eustis (Army Aviation Maintenance Training)

Key Accomplishments

  • UH-60 Cockpit Simulator Development (Pilot Trainers)
  • UH-60 Maintenance Crew Trainers
  • CH-47 Crew Trainers
  • Cyber (Anti-hacking) Development
  • Waveform Development (focused on secured UAS datalinks)
  • Wind Tunnel Testing of developmental wing cross-section


Aviation Element Simulation
  • Digital Simulation
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop
  • Prototype Development
  • Requirements Development
  • Future Aviation Capabilities
  • Ground & Flight Test Simulation
  • Simulation Performance Assessments
  • Data Collection
  • Lethality and Endgame
Simulation Operations and Interfaces
  • Real-Time Simulation Operations
  • Control Hardware & Software
  • Facility Modifications
  • Facility Operational Readiness
  • Integration & Interface
Simulator and Prototype Development
  • Hardware & Software
  • Analog & Digital Simulators
  • Prototype Design & Fabrication
  • Design Studies & Analyses
  • Conceptual & Preliminary Designs
  • Airborne Data Collection
  • End Game Data Collection
Simulation and Development Facilities Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Calibration
  • Control Consoles
  • Cockpit Simulators
  • Preventive Maintenance and Diagnostics


Raj Sandhu
Vice President, Corporate Development