About UAS: The UAS Project Office provides a Total Army perspective for the Life Cycle Management of the Army's UAS program including development, acquisition, testing, systems integration, product improvements, production, fielding, and logistical support.  UAS directly supports the core mission of Army unmanned aircraft systems to provide tactical commanders near-real time, highly accurate, Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition. This mission includes weaponization, communications relays, specialty payloads, and linkage to manned aircraft.



  • Systems Integration & Engineering Safety Reset, Sustainment & Fielding
  • Development Analysis Training
  • In-theater Support Program  / Project Management Field Office Support
  • System Testing Depot Maintenance Dept. of Army System Coordinator (DASC) Support


UAS Programs Supported:

  • Medium Altitude
  • Endurance,
  • Extended Range Multi-Purpose
  • Class I-IV Future Combat Systems UAS
  • Hunter
  • Improved Gnat (IGNAT),
  • Ground Station Equipment
  • Shadow
  • Raven
  • Support Equipment


Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Project Office & Systems

Services Provided:

  • Near Space & Orbital Space Warfighting Employment of Demonstrated Capabilities
  • Program Element Monitor (PEM) Support
  • Deployment Support
  • Command & Control/Communication Integration Coordination
  • Funds Management & Execution
  • Program Analysis
  • Coordination with other Services, Centers & Agencies
  • Technology Support
  • General Staffing Support

Air Force Space Command


Sigmatech has provided continuous prime contract Organizational Improvement and Education services since 2010 for researching, developing, and conducting continuing education for all DoD space professionals. We provide program management, instruction, curriculum development, and course support. Our education enables certification of DoD personnel

responsible for design, development, acquisition, operation, and employment of national security space capabilities. We train 800 students annually across all US military branches, other Government agencies, Australia,

Canada, and the United Kingdom for NSSI Space 200 and 300 level courses.


Key Accomplishments:

  • Instructional development included the ISD ADDIE model to develop lesson plans, measurement plans, and curriculum plans.
  • Provided teaching, scholarship and service. Sigmatech instructors implement adult learning theory, case studies, exercises,  and guided discussion.
  • Provided training and education through instructor lead training, modeling and simulation, and mobile training courses.

Task Capabilities

  • Programmatic Support
  • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Operational Exercise Support
  • Technical Infusion
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Integrated Logistics Support & Product Support
  • Sustainment Logistical Requirements


U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC)


Sigmatech provided Management Consulting, Organizational Improvement and Training for 10 years including: Program/financial management, Security Assistance, BRAC planning and execution, Process improvement and Enterprise knowledge management. Sigmatech provides more than 60 experts that augment USASAC’s mission.

Key Accomplishments:

We provided SMEs to support the most advanced form of international defense cooperation – the coproduction of defense articles. The M1A1 tank coproduction in Egypt achieved two of the key goals for international cooperation:  (1) improved interoperability with Egyptian forces and (2) cost savings from the coproduction effort.


Responding to urgent need of the Army Security Assistance Enterprise (ASAE), Sigmatech developed and implemented  an enterprise training and knowledge management solution that trained and tracked personnel from beginner to intermediate to an advanced-level of training.

Task Capabilities

  • Logistics
  • FMS Budget Financial Support
  • Contracts
  • Communication Management

Programmatic Support to Security Assistance Management Directorate (SAMD)


Sigmatech has over 20 years of experience in Management Consulting and Training  providing Security Assistance (SA) services to Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers regarding the deployment and sustainment of US Army equipment. This program also supports USASAC, TACOM SAMD, TRADOC and PEOs Missiles and Space,  Aviation and Ground Combat Systems. Services include: budget, financial, programmatic, training development and technical expertise to support multi-billion dollar fielding efforts, ensuring legal and regulatory  compliance within budget and on schedule.

Key Accomplishments:

Staffed, developed and executed more than 600 FMS cases and processing over 43,800 requisitions with a dollar value in excess of $16 billion. We support SA/SC efforts for standard and nonstandard equipment for FMS customers in Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt.


Developed TRADOC approved training manuals and interactive ePubs for 9 MOSs for the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence,128th Aviation BDE and Security Assistance Management Directorate, Foreign Military Sales programs. These guides provided qualification standards for Maintenance personnel.


Sigmatech provided Instructional Design, Course development and implementation for content provided by the FDA.  The courses were hosted both on Sigmatech Systems and on FDA's LMS.


Projects include:

  • Bad Ad Recognition and Reporting
  • Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls
  • Human Drug Establishment and Drug Listing Compliance
  • Engaging with the FDA During New Drug Development
  • Generic Drug User Fee Act (GDUFA)
  • FDA State Tobacco Compliance Check Inspection Program
  • Best Practices for Communication Between FDA and IND Sponsors During Drug Development


FDA Database Applications & Tools

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